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Silver Synchers

The Silver Synchers enter the pool in unison as they prepare to practice one of their routines. Located at the Carolina Arbors Active Living Community, the age range of the participants is from 60 to 87. This is only the team’s second year of existence, but you wouldn’t be able to tell it by the ease in which these women move through the water. Some of these women have never participated in synchronized swimming before now, but many of them have been swimmers their whole life. The oldest swimmer on the team, Colleen, one of the Silver Synchers, is 87 and taught synchronized swimming.

M&M Alpaca Farm

Alpaca farming is much different than farming any other animal. “They can be a difficult animal to deal with,” says Sarah. “It’s kind of nice having animals that can go off and do their own thing.” Alpacas are curious, funny looking, and provide fiber to weave clothes and fabric with.

Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Paws

Kim Christopher and her husband have lived in the same Chapel Hill house since 1990. She, a nurse practitioner, and her husband who works as an IBM engineer raised 3 sons who graduated and moved across the country. One year ago, they were convinced to start whelping puppies for Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Paws, a service dog training company in Carrboro, N.C. Kim now works as a consultant who interviews potential owners to see what their needs are when it comes to a service dog. Currently, they are housing a golden lab named Sonny, who has retired from breeding; and Allie, a black lab who is eventually going to have her first litter of puppies. Both are highly trained service dogs, and their puppies will become service dogs as well.