Sarah Nell Redmond is a graphic designer, videographer, lover of caffeine, and diehard Tar Heel fan from North Carolina. She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a Bachelor’s degree in Video & Photojournalism and a minor in Studio Art. She now attends the Brandcenter at VCU, where she studies Art Direction.  

Sarah has a passion for the creative process and visual storytelling. She has traveled across the world to tell the stories of Placencia, Belize, as well as throughout the state to tell the stories of North Carolina. 

She has previously worked as a staff photographer for The Daily Tar Heel and as the Lead Photographer and Videographer for the 1893 Brand Studio in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Her video work has been featured by The Epilepsy Foundation of America . Her video editing has been published by PBS.  and you can view her most recent project, Barriers, here.